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What is magnet fishing?

Magnetic fishing is an emerging hobby (since 2011) in Western Europe. This hobby is mainly originated in the Benelux but magnet fish extends slowly forward to Goose Western Europe. Many people know not what magnet fish total. As the name itself says you go fishing with a magnet. This ranges from small things such as bullets and coins to larger items such as safes, bicycles and mopeds, etc. (see finds tab for more info). Magnet fish will also get other names such as iron or metal fish. Magnetfishing is a success mainly because in the first world war and also in the second millions, if not billions or projectiles fired, and many of those still hidden on the Dutch and Flemish fields, rivers and streams. Estimated to be dozens of daily war against the smaller stacks objects.

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How magnet fishing with a fishing magnet?

As the name says, you go fishing with a fishing magnet. With super magnets like for example a Neodymium magnet, you catch small things such as bullets and coins, but also larger items such as safes, bicycles and mopeds, etc.

Find out here more than 25 good TIPS for the starting and advanced magnet fisherman.

(Check out some popular finds which can be caught with a fishing magnet, most people have no idea what you can pull out of the water; but it must be said, there are already a lot of beautiful finds which have been discovered with this great hobby).

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Why is magnetfishing with a magnet such a success?

Magnetic fishing is a success mainly because during the first World War (WWI) and also during the second World War (WWII) millions, if not billions of projectiles have been fired. Many of them are still hidden on the Dutch and Flemish fields, rivers and streams.

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Every day, people are still finding war objects with a fishing magnet, metal detectors and with super magnets.

Also threw people used to throw away many things in the water, everything was much less controlled by the government.

About Fishing Magnet                                                                               

We are an online specialized magnet fishing and fishing magnet store. In our Web shop a whole range of  strong, reliable fishing magnets are offered. They are mainly divided by their pull. For the rest, you will find on our website a lot of good tips and magnetic fishing tips for good locations to go magnet fishing. Every fishing magnet that is sold to us was thoroughly tested on his/her quality.

There are 3 types of fishing magnets on offer. The subdivision is in the experience of the magnet fisherman . (Fishing magnets for a beginner, magnets for the Advanced and  fishing magnets for an expert). We have a very wide range of fishing magnets . We have more than 25 different fishing magnets on offer because not every fishing magnet is the same. Each fishing magnet has his/her strengths.

Further, we also have block magnets, a petanque magnets (with protection) and useful accessories like dredge hooks (2 models) , an extra rope (7 different models), glue or fishing magnet gloves .

Depending on the level we recommend stronger fishing magnets  (up to 1600 ibs).

Other tabs on our Fishing magnet Web shop

Magnetic fishing is a great hobby but there are some dangers which you must pay attention to (see legislation tab for more info). In addition, there are tabs on the best pull, findings that regularly caught. And finally, a full page of general tips and tips for a good place.

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Fishing with magnets can be seen as modern amateur archaeologists.

Feel free to take a look if you want some extra information about this wonderful hobby or if you wish to buy a fishing magnet . We are huge fans of magnet fishing ourselves and go regularly out fishing.

There is some additional information to be found at the last page with some movies we have made during our adventures.

Good luck with your (future) hobby  of our entire Magnet fishing Web shop team!

Additional information on magnet fishing and a fishing magnet!

All fishing magnets come with all the extras such as an eye bolt/eye mutter, thread bolt. The fishing magnets have a very good price/quality and you can count on a fast shipping just after we receive payment.

For the shipment of the packages, we work together with Bpost, and with DHL. there are several payment options. We offer you to pay via bank transfer, IDEAL, Bank Contact, PayPal and Mister cash.

Fishing Magnet shop strives to provide the most diverse range of fishing magnets to offer on the market. (Double-sided fishing magnetsblock magnetspetanque magnets, the widest range of pull, the best fishing magnetsmagnet fishing ropes, etc.)

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Magnet fishing with a fishing magnet is a form of metal detection

As we have already cited at the top of this page, magnetic fishing is somewhat comparable to metal detecting. Just like you are looking for beautiful findings in the country with a metal detector, you’re looking now in the water for the hidden treasures. This time with a beautiful fishing magnet. Would you like to get some more info? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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Although our Fishing magnet web shop has a extension, we are based in Belgium. We chose a extension because magnet fishing is becoming popular as well in the United Kingdom (so for marketing reasons). You can find us at the Ennepetalein number 10 in Vilvoorde on a stone’s throw from the ring. Exit Vilvoorde-Koningslo. People from all over the country come and visit us because we are easily accessible and centrally located. Within less than an hour’s drive you can reach us from Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders and West Flanders. So, if you want a fishing magnet .

Call, email or text us. You can do so via our number + 32495 42 32 22 or via In the week it is usually possible to come between 12:00 and 12:30 or after 17:00 (by appointment).

Keep an eye on the discounts

Regularly there are promotion codes on our home page or in the sidebar. Discounts on a fishing magnet can be as high as 20%. Throughout the year you can profit from it. We give special discounts especially during periods such as the end of the year,  Black friday, father’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, etc. You can use these discounts at the checkout. Enjoy! vismagneet promo, promo magneetvissen

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