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General terms


We sell neodymium fishing magnets which are often heavy and brittle. That is why a good packaging is very important. We want all magnets arrive undamaged, therefore we have the following measures

  • Double sided American boxes
  • Newsprint
  • Extra padding
  • Rubber bands for the ropes
  • Plastic foil

And what about the environment?

Magnetic fishing is an ecological hobby. We very consciously and this is also one of the reasons why we have chosen to start to sell this product. For the shipping we work with sound boxes that are used for the second time. So we save the environment but also what we can reduce costs.


Our range includes heavy magnets composed of Neodymium, it can occasionally happen that a fishing magnet arrives broken. Nevertheless we try to avoid this by packing the magnet as good as we can. If you received a package with a broken magnet, we advise you to send us a mail, along some pictures, the number of the order and any additional explanation. We try together to find a solution.

About fishing magnet and our mission vision

Since we have a company in 2014 magnets. Year after year we sell more products to the most various range in fishing magnets in the Benelux. In addition to affiliate products we sell more and more from our own stock and we are working closely with the best suppliers on the market. Our suppliers are located in Europe. So we ensure a fast delivery and a good quality. The niche magnet fishing keeps growing through the many Facebook groups and YouTube channels on the Internet. Our mission is to excel in communication, product range and prices.

Who am I?

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Magnet Fish Web shop is a sole proprietorship in Vilvoorde and is runned by Matthias Verstraete. We offer the largest range of fishing magnets in the Benelux. You can also come at my home for advice and to buy a magnet. We offer a super price quality. I’m going on a regular basis on the road with a good fishing magnet. So I know what I am talking about and I think that is also very important.

The start…

I have great interest in WWI and WWII. Especially finds such as bullets, guns and coins are very interesting to me. Since I was born in Diksmuide, that comes as no surprise. It is one of the regions in Belgium which was heavily devastated during the two great wars. De IJzer  is a river where still a lot of beautiful findings are hiding according to me. In 2014 I got also interested in online marketing and search engine optimization and I had an interest to create an online shop. Via via I started to sell strong magnets, magnet fish and fishing magnets on an affiliate basis.

Why choosing for us?

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  • Clear structure (organized by category; beginners magnetsAdvanced fishing magnets and fishing magnets for professionals
  • Largest selection of fishing magnets
  • Best prices (keep an eye on the promotions)
  • Only neodymium magnets (best pull, is one of the most powerful neodymium alloys in order to generate magnetism)
  • Opinion (quickly reachable via email and by using SMS or cellphone)
  • Possible to come to my place to pick up your magnet (call, email or SMS to make an appointment)
  • We also sell accessories like ropesgloves and Dredge hooks
  • Fast communication via e-mail

Starting magnet fishermen as well as professional magnet fishermen are visiting us. In addition to a very good quality, we also offer very competitive prices. We also work with quantity discounts (the more pieces you buy, the more discount you get).