magneetvissen België en Nederland

Magnet fishing in Belgium and the Netherlands in short

This is the information channel for all fans of magnet fishing in Belgium and the Netherlands. There are different tabs full of additional explanations about

Specific information on all tabs

*** finds: an overview of the five most important items that are found by magnet fishers. In each case information is added, e.g. when finding ammunition left over from warfare, it is better to call security services.

** pulling force: an overview (divided in 4 categories from the range according to the user and also magnets categorised by pulling force). Not every pulling force is suitable for any type of magnet fisher. The magnet fishing webshop does not offer some of the heavy magnets (+ 300 kg), since they are too dangerous.

*** legislation: a brief summary of what is legal and not legal with regard to magnet fishing in Belgium and the Netherlands. We also refer to some of the dangers magnet fishers need to keep in mind while practising their beloved hobby.

** tips: detailed tips on finding the right magnet fishing locations. Once you get a hold on those, it will be easy to retrieve finds. In addition there are general tips. The tips are divided into 3 categories: before, during and after magnet fishing.

*** why opt for our webshop and magnet fishing: this is our last category: here you will find an overview explaining why you should opt for our shop and why magnet fishing can be a great hobby for you.

** how to make a knot in a magnet fishing rope: a step-to-step guide on how to make the perfect knot so you do not lose your fishing magnet.

*** a general page with extra information on magnet fishing. Especially worth reading if you want to know more about magnet fishing.

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