vismagneet sleutels vissen

Fishing for keys with a fishing magnet

A woman is walking along a small bridge carrying her child. Suddenly she lets go of her keys which of course drop into the stream under the bridge. The woman tries a lot of methods to retrieve her keys from the water. She even tries to use a speaker which has a heavy magnet, but it is of no use.

In het despair the woman contacts the fire-brigade and asks them whether they can come and help… Not much later three firemen arrive. As one man gets ready and puts on his wetsuit, ready to plunge into the water, the remaining pair tries to catch the keys with a fishing magnet.

And they succeed!
One of the ‘magnet fishers’ manages to attract the keys with the magnet.

True heroes of the day.
Three firemen and their fishing magnet.

Sounds like a made-up story?
Far from!

This scene happened last summer in the Dutch Velp.

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