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How much fishing magnet pulling capacity do I need?

Wich fishing magnet is the best for me?

In our shop you will find numerous fishing magnets; fishing magnets for starters, for adults and advanced and extreme magnets. By the great choice we give you below some more information so that you have a better picture. We recommend to read this if you haven’t really have an idea what you want to choose fishing magnet.

Fishing magnets for starters

These magnets are magnets for starters. We have 55 kg, 75 kg and 88 kg. These are also ideal for children. You can already get a lot of business out of the water but there must surely be noted that this is not yet a super magnets are. By dirt in the water reduces the pulling capacity all a quick a lot. Also, the entire surface of the fishing magnet be used to complete traction force to have and this is hardly or never the case. You will notice that these magnets (if you have it) yet decent pulling capacity.

Fishing magnets for adults and advanced fishing magnets

These magnets are fishing magnets for adults and advanced magnet fishermen. We have 110 kg and 130 kg. These fishing magnets are ideal for starting adults or children who already have some experience with magnetic fishing. 130 KG I sell quite often. The price/quality is excellent. This magnet is relatively strong and yet still not super dangerous. Of course the bigger and stronger the magnet, the more you can still rip it out but the more dangerous it is.

Our range of strong block magnets

These magnets are already slightly more expensive but have already 200 or 300 KG pulling capacity. There is also a steel shell that comes so they will not quickly break off. You can also get from the casing (using a screwdriver) we recommend this to all. It is dangerous but also the quality of your fishing magnet will no longer be the same.

Our range of extreme fishing magnets

Herewith our range for extreme magnet fishermen. With these magnets can you really get everything out of the water. You notice that this fishing magnets all what more you pay but the pulling capacity is also correspondingly.

  • We have fishing magnets of 175, 240 and 275 kg pulling capacity.
  • Then we have 3 special fishing magnets with a protective jacket and an extra 250, 500 and 800 kg bevestingsgat: pulling capacity.
  • And finally have also added our ferrite fishing magnets with 1000 kg pulling capacity.

The magnets are often still with a man. We recommend that from 500 KG with 2 to go fish magnet. If it really fails to get the magnet, we recommend the rope on the car to hang and to try. We want to also point out that these magnets some risk.

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