de wetgeving rond magneetvissen, magneetvissen verboden

Is magnet fishing forbidden?

Is magnet fishing allowed?

(the law about magnet fishing)

In the Netherlands and Belgium magnet fishing is allowed at most places. Nevertheless, there are regulations for magnet fishing. For instance the age limit (some manufacturers set the age limit to 14, others to 18).

Magnet fishing is sometimes forbidden: there is a prohibition on magnet fishing in Delft and Haarlem, although some forums dispute this. To be sure, it is better to contact the municipal authority of the spot where you want to go magnet fishing and ask for clarity on the matter. On private properties you should ask the owner whether magnet fishing is allowed. Will there be a ban on magnet fishing in the future? We don’t think so and we certainly hope not!

Update: just as a metal detectorists, magnet fishers should apply for a permit to be able to go magnet fishing.

You will find more info here:

This is the address of the Belgian Agency Cultural Heritage
Havenlaan 88 bus 5
TEL. 02/5531650

We want to tell you about some possible dangers of magnet fishing.

The regulations on magnet fishing may not pose many problems, but we have listed a summary with possible dangers of magnet fishing!

  • Pay attention to heavy objects. Make sure a second person can lend in a hand.
  • Old objects may contain splinters or are in such a state that they become poisonous (always try to use gloves).
  • If you have found munitions or bombs, always contact the security services and police. Contact DOVO, the Belgian bomb squad, if you pull up dangerous objects | findings0800/33348.
  • With powerful magnets it is important to watch your fingers. Be cautious and don’t treat your magnet as a toy. You wouldn’t be the first one to get seriously injured. Also refrain from immediately buying the most powerful magnet: these magnets are for experienced fishers.
  • Furthermore, magnets are good conductors. Be cautious if you go fishing in bad weather (thunder and lightening) and also check for power supplies.
  • People with a pacemaker are advised not to approach a fishing magnet too closely.

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  1. Hans says:

    Op de website van Haarlem, Groningen en Delft staat NIETS over magneetvissen. Conclusie er is geen regel in de wet dat het verbiedt, wie zijn magneten heeft moeten inleveren of een boete heeft gehad kan die terugvorderen !

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