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Buying a fishing magnet: Why choosing us?

magneetvissen kopenAlways open (7/7, 24/24)

magneetvissen kopenSpacious range of magnets

magneetvissen kopenCollect and go is possible

magneetvissen kopenAll fishing magnets on stock

magneetvissen kopenExcellent report price-quality

magneetvissen kopenStrong ropes also available (separately)

magneetvissen kopenSend to Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Great-Britain

magneetvissen kopenFast shipping

magneetvissen kopenLow shipping costs

magneetvissen kopenDifferent payment options

magneetvissen kopenAre ready for all your questions (themselves practitioners of the box)

Buying fishing magnets Online to go magnet fishing?

This can be done here. But why is magnet fishing so popular?

* Lovers of metal detectors ever want to try something new!

** Magnetic fishing is an exciting hobby: you never know in advance what brings you!

* You finds you can swap, swapping out for money, saving, etc.!

** Magnetic fishing is not an expensive hobby, with little budget you can start!

Magnetic fishing is a hobby that you can practice only outside, ideal if you go during the week often within it!

TIPS for novice magnet fishers

Are you just new to magnet fishing? Or an experienced magnet fisher but you can always use some new additional tips from other magnet fishers? Or you would like to share your own tips on magnet fishing or fishing magnets with other magnet fishers? Then you are at the right place. This blog offers lots of tips on magnet fishing, such as: What are the best places for magnet fishing in the Netherlands? Where in Belgium is it allowed to go magnet fishing? What can you use as a fishing magnet? Where can you buy strong fishing magnets online or in a shop? Find the answer to these and many other questions here.

TIPS on buying fishing magnets

You are interested in buying strong magnets, super magnets and neodymium magnets? Take into mind that so-called super magnets are immensely strong magnets and can be possibly dangerous. Always pay extra caution and ask for additional advice when buying fishing magnets. Regularly check your rope to prevent wear. Regularly check whether the  is properly fixed. Avoid rust by frequently cleaning your neodymium magnet and drying it properly. Best is to do so after every fishing trip. Store your magnet at a dry place. Discover even more tips on fishing magnets! Take a look at our affordable fishing magnets here.

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