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Attach your rope properly!

How do I attach a magnet fishing rope to a fishing magnet?

Our customers often ask us how they can attach their fishing magnet rope to their magnet properly. We will explain this step-by-step in the following paragraph. A good magnet fishing rope is vital, since you can lose your fishing magnet which is never the intention while going fishing. On Facebook there are lots of sad stories of people losing both small and big fishing magnets and we know these cost a lot of money. That is why we created this info page specially for you, our customers.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope in five easy steps.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope: STEP 1

Pull the rope through the eye of the fishing magnet

Use a decent polypropylene rope of 20 meters. You can buy those here. Then you take the magnet and put a small part of the fishing magnet rope through the thread eye of the magnet. You can take half to one meter of rope for this.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope: STEP 2

Make a loop

Place your finger tips on the magnet fishing rope a few centimeters above the magnet and make a loop with the rope ending.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope: STEP 3

Turn the rope ending four times around the fishing magnet.

Change hands (hold the part below the loop with your other hand) and with your free hand you turn the ending of your fishing magnet rope four times around the part between the loop and your fishing magnet. Four till five turns should be sufficient. More is unnecessary.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope: STEP 4

Pull it through the eye

Pull the remaining part of your fishing magnet rope (so also the remaining part of the rope ending) through the eye you made in step 2.

Attaching a magnet fishing rope: STEP 5

Firmly tighten the knot. The knot tightens itself.

Alternately pull one end of the magnet fishing rope and tighten the rest of the rope. This way you will get a rope that tightens itself more. The ideal knot to avoid losing your fishing magnet ever again. The last thing we want is that you lose the fishing magnet from our shop. A fishing magnet is meant to help pull up the most extraordinary finds from the water. A small investment you quickly earn back by pulling treasures to the surface!

Conclusion on the video about attaching magnet fishing ropes

It looks a bit strange, but this knot will never loosen. It is the best fishing magnet knot.

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