What is a fishing magnet?

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fish magnet is usually around but can also block shaped. Most magnets in neodymium are made with us. Neodymium is the best alloy to magnetism. It is several times more powerful than Alnico or, for example, a Ferrite magnet. With us a fish magnet almost always a hole in the middle or a threaded socket. We use Eyebolts or eyelets in combination with bolts to the fish magnet can easily attach to a fish magnet rope.

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What is magnet fishing | magnetic fishing? 

Magnetic fishing is fishing with strong neodymium magnets to finds. It is in fact a hype that has arisen mainly in Netherlands in 2012. Magnetic fishing is now more popular and popular. For example in Belgium, France and Germany wins it in popularity. Also outside Europe to endemic fish Magnet . Understandably, the period from mid-2014 after WWI that 100-years ago we commemorated our country strewn with bullets and bombs.

Who goes magnet fishing with a fishing magnet?

There are several types of customers we come across the floor. Both children and adults alike will enjoy a Magnetic fishing an enjoyable hobby. More and more fishermen are also making the switch from traditional to go fishing and go hunting for real treasures in the water. Magnetic fishing is also more varied than traditional fishing. You never know what brings you with Magnetic fishing. One thing is sure, it will be magnetic. Although anything but some percenter iron, neodymium magnet fish will be powerful enough to attract to this/that thing and pick up.

What can you find with magnetic fishing?

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Small finds such as bullets, coins and parts of cycling but also larger finds such as safes, bikes, scooters. We really had the weirdest things to all customers against the smaller stacks such as carts, a mortar, ammunition, war relics, WWI and WWII finds, etc.

What fishing magnet do you use best to start with magnetic fishing

This is a question we often get. On our website you’ll see a clear breakdown in certain categories. For example, beginners magnets Advanced magnets and pro magnets .

We always draw a distinction in the experience of the magnet fisher and his/her age. For children we recommend always a fish magnet under the 175 kg. For 18 + with what experience we rather a 240 kg 250 kg or recommend it. However, there are also many of our clients return after some time and they take than a heavier fish magnet or an additional fishing magnet for their child.

Of course, the greater the pull, the more business you will get out of the water. We have both pot fishing magnets , weighted magnets as block magnets in the offer. The advantage of a good block magnet is that he attracts both of left and right. At our pot magnets , we have also found a solution, we now have also a large assortment of double-sided fishing magnets . These are round fishing magnets with great tensile strength that both on 2 places can be confirmed and who also both left and right.

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Why choosing a fishing magnet fish online shop?

What differentiates us from the competition are our very wide range and good prices without compromising on quality.

We are through email and cellphone (+ 32 495 42 32 22) also very easily accessible. The packaging of the fish magnet and case for shipping is firm. We send our products with the best couriers so you can take delivery of your package quickly and we also provide you with a tracking number so you can track your order at any time. Further also have various payment options and can also be picked-up the fishing magnets also after making an appointment. Our location (Vilvoorde) is easily accessible from both Antwerp, Brussels as East and West Flanders.

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There is besides a fishing magnet other issues that I best take away?

Yes, Magnetic fishing Web shop recommends always to bring gloves if you are going to fish Magnet. These will protect your hands. Finds such as certain bullets can for a long time in the water and thereby rust. We also recommend that further to a backpack to carry your finds to nice to store and take it home. Furthermore, a good fish magnet rope also important but that goes without saying. As the last accessory we also have STAINLESS STEEL dredge hooks for sale. This fish magnet dredge hooks facilitate the recovery of find a like a bicycle.


What magnet fishing rope I take best?

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We have 2 types of fish magnet rope. Ropes with 6 mm thickness and with 8 mm thickness. In the first category, we have 3 colours; orange fish magnet rope, a multi-colour fish magnet rope and a beige fish magnet rope. These all have a crushing force of 500 kg. We then fish magnet ropes with a breaking strength of 8 mm and a crushing power of 1035 kg. This we also in 3 different colours: Orange, black and blue. For the beginners and Advanced fishing magnets is a fish magnet rope with 6 mm thickness is sufficient. For a pro fish magnet and block magnets we recommend to take a lead with 8 mm thicknessThe fish magnet ropes all have a length of 20 meters.

Learn here to a perfect fish magnet button.

What has neodymium to do with fishing?Sterke neodymium blokmagneet, blokmagneet, blok, magneeet, sterke magneet, neodymium magneet, sterke neodymium magneet

As our fishing magnets that we offer are neodymium magnets, neodymium is the most powerful alloy to magnetism. This alloy is perfect to go fish magnet. We provide everything for every fish magnet also to this well to attach to the fish magnet rope (eye and nut). Our magnets are also fitted with a coating layer, so the fishing magnet will not rust during the Magnet fish.

Our range fishing magnets to go magnet fishing

  • Starter magnets: 50 kg, 55 kg, 75 kg and 85 kg
  • Advanced fishing magnets : 110 kg, 130 kg and 130 kg weighted
  • Pro fishing magnets 175 kg 200 kg 275 kg 300 kg 400 kg 500 kg 600 kg and 800 kg
  • Double-sided fishing magnets : 200 kg, 240 kg, 400 kg, 600 kg, 800 kg and 1200 kg.
  • Block magnets
  • Dredge hooks

 Small and large model; not easy to find and very practical if you’re going fishing with a fish magnet

package for adults: a complete fish magnet set to get started right away!
Starter package for children: a complete fish magnet set for children, ready to go magnet fish!

Be sure to visit our shop page to view our range of Magnetic fish .

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Is the pull of a fishing magnet not too heavy to magnet fish?

The fishing magnets are all tested by our suppliers and by ourselves. The test is called on an object that has the same shape as the magnet and the fish magnet completely covered. This is so the best practice which you hardly come across in practice. For example if you have a bike in your accommodation you will with the magnet so but part of the bicycle. Also in the water there is a lot of dirt and mud what fish magnet pull.

A good fishing magnet button is vital

We hear from customers at times that their fish magnet in the water has fallen and no more to their rope hangs. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have a good knot. It is, after all, mortal sin to your beautiful fish magnet loses. We have created a page where you can learn in 5 steps to the perfect magnet fishing knot , this technique is not difficult and so get yourself a good knot.

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 What do I do with the magnet fishing magnet finds when I go fishing?

We recommend that you take everything with it and the pretty finds and the parent to iron marchand. You will still get a fee for also depends on the price for scrap metal. You have no place/time to the finds to carry home, throw the sure finds back but just leave them. Magnet fish is this way so also an ecological hobby!

Are there any tips for more catch when I go magnet fish?

A good place is very important, but here you also have the necessary luck for. Still, there are a lot of tips when magnet fish. On this page you will find a nice overview.

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Are you yourselves magnet fishermen?

That’s right, we go on a regular basis and have the necessary expertise to help you with all your questions about fish magnet. Do you have a question related to magnet fish? Want a fish magnet but you still don’t know which? Feel free to send us an email. We are easily accessible via email and
via cellphone (call or text): + 32 495 42 32 22.

Is it allowed to go magnet fishing with a fishing magnet anywhere?

In Belgium there is no know of a ban on Magnet fish, there is a prohibition in Netherlands in Delft in Haarlem. We recommend that you always have to be careful and to wear gloves . If you brings out something dangerous with your fish magnet, call the police. If you brings out something heavy, foresee a second man who can assist you to find the. More info can be found on this page .

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