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Magnet fishing with fishing magnet

  1. How big should my fishing magnet be?

Magnet fishing. The surface (diameter) of a magnet is quite important. It should have at least 6 cm. This corresponds to a 130 kilos magnet, our best sold magnet.

  1. Where is it allowed to go magnet fishing?

In the Netherlands it isn’t allowed in Delft and Haarlem. Though this is being disputed. In Belgium there is a prohibition in Leopoldsburg. You can generally go magnet fishing at any location. Of course you can always check and contact the municipal authority whether magnet fishing is allowed.

  1. How strong is a fishing magnet?

We have magnets with 55 kg till 800 kg pulling force. This is the pulling force under ideal circumstances. Compare this to the indication of a car’s carbon dioxide emissions or consumption value. A 50 till 55 kg magnet is a magnet for children. Starting from 100 kg the magnets are for adults. If you have some experience, we recommend magnets starting from 200 kg pulling force.

Besides the pulling force, a magnet also has a N value The higher this value, the better. Magnets often have a value of N52. This is one of the strongest N values.

Fishing magnets often have a + and – side, just like batteries. This is why certain fishing magnets repel each other.

  1. What is the best way to transport a fishing magnet?

When we send fishing magnets we often add protection, like a good cardboard box, styrofoam or plastic and/or newspaper. So use your common sense. Fishing magnets often look harmless, but in most cases you should pay attention when using them. We take care to send our magnets in good boxes of reinforced American cardboard.

  1. What is neodymium exactly?Sterke neodymium blokmagneet, blokmagneet, blok, magneeet, sterke magneet, neodymium magneet, sterke neodymium magneet

Neodymium is the best alloy by far to create magnetism. It is up to four times stronger than other kinds of magnets such as AlNiCo and ferrite magnets. These magnets have their own strong aspects, but in my opinion neodymium remains the best magnet for magnet fishing.

  1. Which fishing magnet should I opt for to go magnet fishing?

This depends on your budget. Do you have a boat? If so, you can get heavy magnets. It also depends on your experience and age. For a 15 year old with less experience for example, I would opt for a 110 kg or 130 kg magnet.

  1. How do I maintain my magnet?

For smaller models we offer plastic sleeves which can be easily attached to the magnet. Bigger magnet models you can occasionally clean with clean water.

  1. What do I need to do when I pull up dangerous militaria?

magneetvissen met een vismagneet, magneetvissen met een vismagneet, magneetvissen met een vismagneet

Use your common sense and don’t do anything foolish. Slowly lower your magnet back into the water and contact the bomb squad if you think your magnet has caught a mortar, grenade or bomb.

  1. Do you need to have a permit to go magnet fishing with a magnet?

Yes, you will need a permit. Compare it to plain fishing. You can apply for one here:

Agentschap onroerend Erfgoed (Agency Cultural Heritage)
Havenlaan 88 bus 5
TEL. 02/5531650

  1. Which rope is the best?vismagneet, magneetvissen, vis magneet, magneet vissen,vismagneet touw, magneetvissen, vismagneet, magneetvissen touw, magneetvissen touw kopen

Nylon and polyester make the best ropes. Polypropylene isn’t bad, but nylon is more durable. For smaller magnets, a 5 or 6 mm diameter suffices. For bigger magnets we have 8 or even 10 mm diameter ropes.

  1. What objects are there to find?

Take a look here to find out.

vismagneet, magneetvissen, vis magneet, magneet vissen, vismagneet handschoenen, vismagneet handschoenen, vismagneet handschoenen


I would say yes. The gloves will protect your hands against injuries from your finds, but also against the strength of your magnet! We offer flexible hand gloves that fit firmly around the hands. Ideal for magnet fishing.

  1. What is a grappling hook?vismagneet, magneetvissen, vis magneet, magneet vissen,dreghaak, dreghaak kopen, RVS dreghaak

Our grappling hook is a stainless steel hook with four pins. If you attach a magnet fishing rope to it you can throw it just like a magnet. This grappling hook will help you pull up bikes and the like.

  1. What do I need to do when my magnet gets stuck?

You can call for a second person and pull together. You can attach your rope to your car. If this still doesn’t work, you will have to go into the water to free your magnet. Of course, magnets do not get stuck that easily. I also recommend not to use magnets above 300 kg if you want to go magnet fishing on your own. If you use a 300 kg fishing magnet, it is better to go fishing with two people.

  1. How do I attach the fishing magnet rope?

If you enter attaching a fishing rope on Youtube, you will get a step by step guidance on how to attach a fishing magnet. You will find more information on this page as well.

  1. Is a fishing magnet a kind of investment?

Certainly, yes, it is a kind of investment. Fishing with a fishing magnet is not expensive at all. If you compare it to normal fishing, a magnet does not cost much. The price of a fishing magnet is around fifty euros and you can easily recover that amount within a few years if you find a few valuable finds. When you go fishing you will not only find old coins, but euro coins as well.

  1. Is magnet fishing a popular hobby?

Magnet fishing has been around for years. It is mainly popular in the Netherlands and now also is growing in Belgium and other European countries such as France, Germany and the UK. This is clearly noticeable on Google, but there are also more active Facebook groups where magnet fishers unite.

  1. I have seen AlNiCo and ferrite magnets, aren’t these better?

Every kind of product has its advantages, but neodymium magnets are the best magnets for fishing. They are the most magnetic and have the strongest pulling force. They are up to four times stronger than the other mentioned magnets.

  1. What do I do with my finds?

If you pull up something nice, you can take it home. If you pull up scrap metal, you can drive to the scrap trader and sell it for a good price. Never throw your finds back. It really is a wonderful hobby, but also an ecological one.

  1. How do you find a good spot to go magnet fishing with a fishing magnet?

Magnet fishers aren’t keen to share their good spots once they have found one. I can tell you that you will find more objects around bridges. Do some research on what has happened in history at the location you have in mind. If you are fishing on a location marked by wars, the chances of finding militaria will rise significantly.

  1. Do I need to take caution when I am wearing a watch?

Yes, you should. Pay caution near watches, phones and credit or customer cards.

  1. What is the best way to remove my finds from the fishing magnet?

Hold the fishing magnet vertically and remove the finds vertically.

  1. What is the best way to clean my finds?

There are lots of tips for this on the internet. One I remember best is to clean the magnet with cola. Put some cola in a bucket and add your find. It should clean it.

  1. Should I use a block magnet, disc magnet or double-sided fishing magnet?

There are lots of opinions on this. I would recommend a disc magnet for a novice. A block magnet has a large surface, but the protective covers reduce the pulling force a bit. And a double-sided magnet pulls from any side and has an extra steel casing. Moreover, we will add double-sided-magnets with an enhanced magnetic emission to our range soon.

  1. On the images I have noticed the magnets attract coins?

When an object contains a certain amount of iron, the magnet will catch it. I know that pieces of 1, 2 and 5 cents attract extremely well. Pieces of 1 and 2 euros still attract, but less. This is because they contain less iron. Pieces of 10, 20 and 50 cents do not attract.

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