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 vismagneet winkel, magneetvissen winkel

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 vismagneet winkel, magneetvissen winkel

Meanwhile our fishing magnet shop has around forty products. We have the largest range in the Benelux. We are already building 3 years to have the largest online (fishing) magnet shop. In addition to fishing magnets we also offer other equipment which we think it is interesting to have when you go fish magnet. We offer neodymium magnets only because this are the best magnets . Neodymium is 4 times stronger than Ferrite or Alnico magnets. They have a very good attraction .

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You can shop on our fishing magnet shopping page but you may also feel free to visit us in Vilvoorde – Ennepetalplein 10. We have a small fishing magnet shop (actually it is a small warehouse). But we do like to make an appointment via or by phoning us + 32 495 42 32 22. We also kindly ask to bring cash. If you want to start with magnetic fishing but still have a lot of questions around fishing magnets (the range, the prices, the pullwhich finds you can find, …). Then it’s certainly interesting to make an appointment for some explanation. With pleasure we provide you with an answer to all your questions.

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