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Pulling capacity: 130 kilograms
With rope: No
Weight: 250 grams
Length rope: 20 metres
Magnetisation: Neodymium
Neck diameter (d): 60 mm
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General information fishing magnet 130 kg

best price quality – no rope

This product is a whole solid fishing magnet with 130 KG pulling capacity. Fully ready to launch with your hobby. This is the magnet with the highest pulling capacity power, but the 110 KG has a better appeal: because the magnet of 130 kg is thicker but a narrower area. This whole solid fishing magnet with 130 kg on the other hand, can pulling capacity the heaviest finds. This product comes without rope to keep costs down, if you don’t have a rope or a want to order here then this may.

Specific information and own opinion on this fishing magnet 130 kg

This is a neodymium magnet fishing magnet for the experienced fishermen. This magnet is very user friendly but is already pretty strong and therefore it should be used wisely. In the same class, we also have a pulling capacity type with stiffening elements.

Pulling capacity 130 kilograms
With rope No
Weight 250 grams
Length rope 20 metres
Magnetization Neodymium
Neck diameter (d) 60 mm

Extra information

Fishing magnets / petanque magnets  come with all extras such as an eye mutter/eye bolt, thread bolt and washer (if applicable). The magnets have a very good price/quality and you can count on a fast shipping after payment. For packages in Belgium/France/Germany/United Kingdom, we send with Bpost, for packages in Netherlands we work with DHL. There are also various payment options. So, you can pay by bank transfer, IDEAL, Ban Contact, Mister cash and PayPal. strives to provide the most diverse range of magnets on the market. Feel free to click on one of the categories below.

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Additional information


130 kilogram

With rope:



250 gram



Diametre (d):

60 mm

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