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A HeavyLifter is a flat magnet with a large surface.

Rope: No rope, Orange, Beige, Multi colour, Orange PRO+, Blue PRO+, Black PRO+, X-treme
Diametre: 116mm (11,6 cm)
Height: 35mm (3,5 cm)
Material: neodymium
Traction: 400 kg
Type magnet: fishing magnet
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Fishing magnet 400 kg Heavy Lifter

Product description

General information super fishing magnet with 400 kg pulling capacity

Our range Heavy Lifters are super strong magnets specially tailored. This fishing magnets, in contrast to many other magnets are so strong that they really bring out everything. E.g. not only bronze coins but really all the coins. This 400 kg fishing magnet Heavy Lifter is an absolute must have for the experienced magnet fisherman. The pulling capacity you have to take with a grain of salt: the magnets are really very powerful but this is not to say that they are really going to be able to get 400 kg. This is because of the surface (the entire surface of the fishing magnet will almost never be used) and also of peripheral factors (such as mud, other objects, etc.). Take, for example, round tubes on a bike: the interface is rather small on the magnetic and therefore you have also never 100% the pulling capacity. The 400 kg are very popular for experienced magnet fishermen and we recommend this definitely.

400 kg fishing magnet specific information

This magnet is extremely strong. We insist to keep this away from children. Even for adults, we recommend to wear gloves and to be attentive when using this magnet in combination with finds and/or other magnetic material.

Extra information

Fishing magnets / petanque magnets  come with all extras such as an eye mutter/eye bolt, thread bolt and washer (if applicable). The magnets have a very good price/quality and you can count on a fast shipping after payment. For packages in Belgium/France/Germany/United Kingdom, we send with Bpost, for packages in Netherlands we work with DHL. There are also various payment options. So, you can pay by bank transfer, IDEAL, Ban Contact, Mister cash and PayPal. strives to provide the most diverse range of magnets on the market. Feel free to click on one of the categories below.

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Additional information

Order a rope:

No rope, Orange, Beige, Multi colour, Polyester white, Nylon white, Orange PRO+, Blue PRO+, Black PRO+


116mm (11,6 cm)

Type of magnet:


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