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A HeavyLifter is a flat magnet with a large surface.

Rope: No rope, Orange, Beige, Multi colour, Orange PRO+, Blue PRO+, Black PRO+, X-treme
Diametre: 115mm (11,5 cm)
Height: 22mm (2,2 cm)
Material: neodymium
Traction: 1900 grams
Type magneet: fishing magnet
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Fishing magnet 550 kg Heavy Lifter

Product description

General information about fishing magnet 550 kg

Are you an experienced magnet fisher, then our Heavy Lifters just what you need. This super powerful magnets are specially designed for magnetic fishermen who get what they feel like everything out of the water, nothing let this magnet. Our entire range Heavy Lifters are specially designed by us and serve specially for the experienced magnet fisherman. Many people will think that if at this magnet can pulling capacity, but no ordinary person 550 kg, however, is this what else. This magnet is quite large and will only 550 kg snatch when the entire surface of this magnet is covered by the subject. However there are few objects that flat are those in the water. Often the objects itself around, just think of it as part of a bicycle. When a bicycle is attracted by this magnet is the tangent surface very small so you can perform no 550 kg pulling capacity on a bicycle. That’s why we start our magnets to very high tensile forces to as much as possible out of the water.

Specific information

Please note that our full range Heavy Lifters his Magnets for professionals that are hugely strong. Only huge on that not your hands between the magnet and/or any other object. We really want to warn to avoid accidents.

Extra information

Fishing magnets / petanque magnets  come with all extras such as an eye mutter/eye bolt, thread bolt and washer (if applicable). The magnets have a very good price/quality and you can count on a fast shipping after payment. For packages in Belgium/France/Germany/United Kingdom, we send with Bpost, for packages in Netherlands we work with DHL. There are also various payment options. So, you can pay by bank transfer, IDEAL, Ban Contact, Mister cash and PayPal. strives to provide the most diverse range of magnets on the market. Feel free to click on one of the categories below.

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Additional information

Buy a rope:

No rope, Nylon white, Orange PRO+, Blue PRO+, Black PRO+


500 kg




1,9 kg


115 mm (11,5 cm)


2,2 cm (22mm)

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