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A disc magnet is a flat neodymium magnet that pulls only on the inner side. There is a big surface and the traction is strong.

Kind Of magnet: Fishing magnet
Pulling capacity: 175 kg
With rope: Optional
Magnetisation: Neodymium
Casing magnet: /
Overall diameter: 75 mm
Total thickness: 18 mm
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Strong fishing magnet 175 kg

Product description

General information strong fishing magnet with 175 kg pulling capacity

This strong fishing magnet with 175 kg pulling capacity is sold without a rope, this because experienced magnet fishermen usually have one or even ropes of their own. If you don’t have a rope or a want to order one this could be done here. Also discover our new series double sided magnets (250 kg), these have on both sides a magnet with steel jacket to protect the magnet itself. With this new series vist you never next to because the magnet can be used both to pulling capacity, but also to drag and because there a magnet is used on both sides, there is always a magnet on the bottom.

Specific information

This super fishing magnet with 175 kg pulling capacity is suitable for the more experienced magnet fisherman. This fishing magnet pulling capacity your best side on the bottom and pulling capacity to along each side, so perfect for all types of finds.

Our review of this strong fishing magnet will find this magnet perfect for the experienced, professional magnet fisherman who wants to catch much. This magnet is still user friendly despite its strength. Only good on with your hands because he can break your fingers without problem. Nevertheless, there is still demand for stronger magnets such as our 300 kg block magnet (and more), but for Magnet fishing web it is already too strong and too dangerous (to find fishing magnets even up to 800 kg pulling capacity here on our web shop). This strong fishing magnet is fit to get out rusty and not flat objects out of the water because of its strength and larger diameter.

Extra information

Fishing magnets / petanque magnets  come with all extras such as an eye mutter/eye bolt, thread bolt and washer (if applicable). The magnets have a very good price/quality and you can count on a fast shipping after payment. For packages in Belgium/France/Germany/United Kingdom, we send with Bpost, for packages in Netherlands we work with DHL. There are also various payment options. So, you can pay by bank transfer, IDEAL, Ban Contact, Mister cash and PayPal. strives to provide the most diverse range of magnets on the market. Feel free to click on one of the categories below.

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Additional information

Kind of magnet:

Fishing magnet


240 kg

Buy a rope:

No rope, Orange, Beige, Multi colour, Polyester white, Nylon white, Orange PRO+, Blue PRO+, Black PRO+



Total diameter:

75 mm

Total thickness:

18 mm

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