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Type of fishing magnet Neodymium
Type Magneetvissen Starterspakket
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You can get going right away with this magnet fishing starting package

Which fishing magnet should I buy? Which fishing magnet has a good pulling force for starting fishermen? We often get these kind of questions at magnet fishing webshop. For people who are new to magnet fishing, we have put together a nice magnet fishing starting set. The set includes two different ropes, two kinds of fishing magnets and a lovely grappling hook. This all for an affordable price. In short, it is the ideal magnet fishing starter kit. All fishing magnets are made from the best neodymium and the grappling hook is made from stainless steel. Using this grappling hook it is easier to haul up bigger catches.

Magnet fishing starter kit – product details

The magnet fishing starter kit consists of:

Our opinion on the magnet fishing starter kit

The magnet fishing webshop has found this fishing magnet starting kit perfect for novice magnet fishers who want to catch a lot and want to have the necessary material for doing so. These magnets are still user-friendly despite their pulling force. Nevertheless, you should be cautious when handling the fishing magnets, because the magnets included in the magnet fishing starting kit can be dangerous when used carelessly.

Precautions magnet fishing

These fishing magnets are extremely strong. We therefore urge you to use them out of the reach of children. Moreover, we advice adults to wear gloves when handling them. Another important point is to be careful when using this magnet with finds and or other magnetic materials.

Additional information magnet fishing starting package

Fishing magnets and our petanque magnets  come with all extras such as an eye mutter and or eye bolt, thread bolt and washer. The fishing magnets have a very good price and quality and you can count on a fast shipping after payment. For packages in Belgium, France, Germany and United Kingdom, we send with Bpost, for packages in Netherlands we work with DHL.

There are also various payment options to pay this starting package. So, you can pay this magnet fishing starting package by:

  • bank transfer
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  • Ban Contact
  • Mister cash
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

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