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European suppliers for our strong magnets

Strong magnets. Since 2 years, we provide you, our magnet fishermen, from the largest range of strong fish magnets.

We are carefully looking for the best and strongest magnets on the market. All of our magnets are developed in neodymium and come from different suppliers from Netherlands and Germany.

The strong magnets are tested extensively

Each magnet which is sold is also been thoroughly tested by us. In the past, we took a Ferrite magnet back because it just didn’t meet our requirements of a strong magnet. We want to learn as much as possible and are actively looking for new suppliers. We view their offerings, compare and if we find a good magnet then we enlarge with pleasure our range. So we have started selling some pot magnets, but meanwhile, we now also offer strong disc magnetsfishing magnets, double-sided block magnetsdouble magnets and accessories such as gloves, loctide and  dredge hooks .

But that’s not all. Also by you, our customers, the magnetic fishing we have a lot to learn. We are monitoring the social media and trends on the foot. After all, there are a lot of Facebook groups having to do with magnetic fishingfishing magnets and metal detecting. If there is news than we also adapt the website!

Strong magnets are always delivered in sethele stevige vismagneet, vismagneet met 130 kg trekkracht, magneetvissen, magneet , metaaldetectie, Neodymium, 130 KG trekkracht

Every pot magnet is also sold with a bolt and/or an eye mutterPot magnets get an eye bolt with threaded rod supplied. Even there the quality gets priority over the price in the purchase process. The block magnets we supply then again with a snap as well as our small-and large dredge hook. Our dredghe hooks are completely manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL so they won’t be attracted by the magnet. This is good if you want to use them at the same time.

Strong magnets require good neodymium

As you might know neodymium is the best composition to magnetism. It is many times stronger than Alnico or ferrite. We ask our supplier

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ever after what the strong (N-force) and also ask for technical data sheets. If this in our warehouse, we verify the quality and we’re going to the pull and the strength after. Only the strong neodymium magnets with good come and stay in our range. Lesser magnets go out. It’s as simple as that.

Strong magnets personalized at manufacturer’s own

For our range of Heavy Lifters (nickname preferred by our customers for these strong magnets) we went one step further. By the high demand for strong magnets we have extra strong magnets . Our range of Heavy Lifters was born. We have 400,500600 and 800 kg that we can offer. All of them are flat magnets with a very high appeal. These strong magnets are like seen in our customers with some experience in magnet fish.

Strong magnets require protection

Because some our strong magnets so powerful. Flies everything somewhat magnetic is will have my way. It is therefore important that magnets are properly protected. We have provided herein and invested. Our smaller magnets come with a rubber cover. That case can be attached to the bottom of the magnet. Almost all of our larger magnets come standard with an outer edge in steel. So are the strong magnets is very well protected and their service life.

Strong magnets require a good ropevismagneet, magneetvissen, vis magneet, magneet vissen,vismagneet touw, magneetvissen, vismagneet, magneetvissen touw, magneetvissen touw kopen

This is certainly important. Strong magnets are expensive and it would be so sad to loose your magnet because of a bad rope or because the rope hasn’t been attached correctly.

We have investigated in this.

In addition to polypropylene ropes we now also offer polyester and nylon ropes for our strong magnets. For larger magnets we recommend 8 mm thickness. Furthermore, nylon rope or polyester rope are a lot better than pp rope. There are fine woven, there is a better flexibility and they are more strong in general. In addition, also they are more durable compared to a polypropylene rope. So if you invest 100 euro in a magnet, be sure you also invest some euros in a good rope for your fishing magnet.

A second thing we arranged is an instruction movie how you can confirm your rope. Step by step everything has been nicely explained. Here you can see that movie.

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