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Which magnet is used for magnet fishing

Which fishing magnet should I buy to go magnet fishing?

Which magnet is used for magnet fishing?

Block magnets?blokmagneten, neodymium blokmagneten, blokmagneten kopen, vismagneet, magneetvissen, magneet, blokmagneet met 90 kg trekkracht, metaaldetectie, Neodymium, sterke blokmagneet

A block magnet has several advantages. It protects the magnet and pulls in all directions. Block magnets are mostly a bit more expensive compared to a normal magnet, but it also has more advantages. Experienced magnet fishers often tell us they love fishing with a block magnet.

Our range has 90, 200, 250, 300, 450, 750 kilo block magnets.

Pot magnet?600 kg vismagneet, 600 kg vismagneet, 600 kg vismagneet 600 kg vismagneet

Most magnets in our selection are pot magnets. We offer pot magnets with a hole or a thread. Pot magnets with a thread often lose less pulling force because they have no hole in the middle. Pot magnets only pull from the bottom side, but have a large surface. They don’t have any protective casing, enabling optimal use of their pulling force. You can buy pot magnets even on a small budget.

Our range has 55, 75, 110, 130, 175, 240, 300, 360400, 500, 600 and 800 kilo pot magnets.

Double-sided magnets?Grote dubbelzijdige vismagneet, Grote dubbelzijdige vismagneet, Grote dubbelzijdige vismagneet, Grote dubbelzijdige vismagneet, Grote dubbelzijdige vismagneet

These kind of magnets offer plenty advantages. The outer edge is made of steel and serves as a protective casing for the magnet. The magnet can be placed horizontally or vertically. Two eye bolts are included. This double-sided fishing magnet pulls from both sides and is made of neodymium.

Our range has 250 and 800 kilo magnets. Later this year a 500 and 600 kilo magnet will be added to our collection. More info on this later.

NEW: We now also have smaller ones: 200 kg and 240 kg and 1200 kg!!

Which magnet would we recommend you to use for magnet fishing?

The Fishing magnet webshop is convinced that every fishing magnet has its own advantages. We have talked to several magnet fishers and they all have different opinions. The best way to find out which fishing magnet is the best fit for you is to test it on your own when you go magnet fishing.

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