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Een Neodymium magneet kan tot maar liefst 750kg omhoog trekken!

How is a neodymium magnet made?

A neodymium magnet can pull up to 750 kilos!

Plenty of magnet fishers head to the waters with a powerful neodymium magnet,one of the rare earth magnets that can pull up to 750 kilos. But how is a neodymium magnet made?

How is a neodymium magnet made? Like this!

Small amounts of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B) are melted together to create Nd2Fe14B.

Once they have melted together and have cooled down, the mixture is pulverized and grounded to a powder. Next, the powder is pressed into blocks.

Then the blocks of neodymium are cut to the shape of the magnet we know and then are magnetized through another magnet.

During this entire process the neodymium makes sure that the combination of elements forms a solid magnet.

After this process the neodymium magnets are send to us so you can use them as fishing magnets.

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