Where do you find the most active magnet fishers?

1.      The Netherlands

Magnet fishing has been around for a while. In 2012 it started as a hype, but the hobby still remains popular. Each summer the number of visitors on our website skyrockets again. Magnet fishing is still very popular in the Netherlands. On Facebook there is a very large group with Dutch magnet fishers. Locations frequented by magnet fishers: Groningen, Friesland, Gouda, Den Helder and the province Brabant.

2.      Belgium

In Belgium the number of magnet fishers also starts to grow. There has been a steady rise since 2014. Belgium is also an excellent country for this hobby, with its many large cities, plenty of waterways and the Polders region where fierce battling took place. These are the most popular regions: Ghent and Antwerp. Belgian magnet fishers also have a nice Facebook group.

3.      Europe

When we take a look at Europe we also see that interest in magnet fishing has increased during the last few years.

In the summer of 2015 there was a large rise in the number of searches for magnet fishing. This means magnet fishing also gains more popularity here. On Facebook there are wonderful stories of magnet fishers who pulled up beautiful finds out of the water. These are not only bikes or coins, but often old finds that have been lying in the water for several hundreds of years. We found ten countries that have large groups of active magnet fishers: Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Scotland, Germany, France, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

4.      Worldwide

Big countries outside of Europe also show interest in magnet fishing. In Australia, Canada, the US and Russia people practise this wonderful hobby. The hobby is relatively new here but we think magnet fishing will grow to be a sport with worldwide recognition. As it is such an amazing way to spend free time!

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A magnet fisher’s DNA

I have had so many people come by. And have send a fishing magnet to so many people. But I would like to know who the average magnet fisher is. I did some research on the internet and on my webshop. These are the most important results.

A magnet fisher’s interestsmagneetvisser, magneetvisser,magneetvisser, magneetvisser,magneetvisser, magneetvisser,magneetvisser, magneetvisser,magneetvisser, magneetvisser,

  • War (highly interested, especially in the first and second WW)
  • History (i.e. prehistoric times and Middle Ages)
  • Metall detector/metall detection
  • Fishing
  • Archaeology
  • Finds
  • Treasures (magnet fishers are keen treasure hunters, i.e. silver and gold)
  • Nature (flora and fauna, but also beautiful landscapes)

Magnet fishers also love nature. In fact, magnet fishing can be seen as a ecological hobby. Rivers, lakes, wells or canals are cleaned by magnet fishers who dredge the bottom in search of nice iron finds that are corroding the water and pollute it.

A magnet fisher’s age

Mostly men and youngsters between the age of 16 and 65. But in recent years also more and more young magnet fishers of 12 till 15 years. They are often accompanied by their fathers. Magnet fishing is an incredibly fun occupation and will certainly enforce the bond between father and son.

Magnet fishers also like to fish in groups. They like to boast with their finds and don’t like giving any information on their locations. On Facebook you can find a lot of different groups with beautiful findings. A lot of magnet fishers are also searching for a magnet fishing buddy.

Are you currently looking for a fellow magnet fisher? Then you should take a look at one of these groups.

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kinder vismagneet, kindervismagneet, magneet met 55 kg trekkracht, magneetvissen, magneet, metaaldetectie, Neodymium magneet, 55 KG trekkracht, vismagneet

A 55 kg fishing magnet is perfect for children

We sell a large amount of fishing magnets from our wide collection. We know that a lot of grandparents and fathers want to buy a fishing magnet for their (grand)daughter or (grand)son. So that is why we would like to highlight our 55 kg fishing magnet. It is the perfect children’s fishing magnet.

magneet met 55 kg trekkracht, magneetvissen, magneet, metaaldetectie, Neodymium magneet, 55 KG trekkracht, vismagneet

This children’s fishing magnet looks small and cute

The 55 kg fishing magnet has quite a small size and includes a M6 eye bolt. The magnet has a diameter of ca. 3 cm and is entirely made of neodymium. The magnet may look small and cute, but it can lift a lot of objects out of the water.

Perfect for small finds

This fishing magnet is relatively harmless and perfectly suited to retrieve smaller finds out of the water. These mainly consist of coins, which are the main found objects with a fishing magnet.

You are interested in buying a fishing magnet? Order here! You want to be kept informed? Follow our Facebook page!

kinder vismagneet, kinder vismagneet, magneetvissen, vismagneet, vismagneet


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Buying a fishing magnet in Belgium through the magnet fishing webshop in Vilvoorde!

Looking for a fishing magnet in Belgium? You are at the right place here.

On our magnet fishing webshop we have noticed that summer has started. These are the busiest months for us. Day after day we are sending packages in Belgium and the Netherlands. Magnet fishing is gaining popularity in Belgium. A very good trend, since Belgium has a lot of finds to be pulled up. Think about the region around the Yser in Diksmuide for instance, and other regions marked by WWI and WWII. Did you know that you can collect your magnet directly from us? We are located in Vilvoorde, near Brussels. People from Antwerp, East-Flanders and even West-Flanders can easily reach us. Simply send us a mail or call us at +32 495 42 32 22 to make an appointment. We are usually available from Monday till Friday after 17 o’clock.

Want to buy a fishing magnet in Belgium? We like to help you at our Magnet fishing webshop in Vilvoorde. Click here for a route description. We look forward to your visit.

We strive to offer our customers the largest range of strong magnets at the best prices. Take a look at our shop to see our products.

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Where can I buy magnets for magnet fishing? Where can I buy fishing magnets? There is one right address: Vilvoorde!

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